About Us

SkyPAD Gaming is an eSports gear brand from Denmark founded in 2017 with a mission to elevate gamers through better, faster and more durable gaming products.

The company specializes in engineering glass mousepads to the eSports industry and was honored “The Best Hardpad in the World” by Techradar in 2021.All products are developed in close collaboration with gamers, professional as well as casual. The overall ambition is to help gamers take their aim to the next level.SkyPAD is currently sold across +30 countries internationally.

Invented by a Gamer

SkyPAD’s founder, Kenneth Skriver, is not foreign to the gaming industry. He has been in the electronics and gaming peripherals scene for over 10 years and has gained a deep knowledge of high performance gaming gear. Kenneth is also an active gamer himself, playing (who knows how many) hours of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. You may still find him on deathmatch servers popping heads when he has time away from work.

Back in his youth, Kenneth used to game on a mousepad made of glass, an innovative product for its time. Fast forward a couple years, he was disappointed to find that his beloved glass pad had mysteriously vanished from the market and history itself. Additionally, numerous cloth pads with no distinguishable qualities were filling up shelves, he reminisced of a time when hardpads were the top choice.

This lit up his passion to create a better version of his dear glass pad. From concept to action, he worked nonstop to bring his idea into fruition. Finally in 2017, the first SkyPAD was created after many iterations and changes. The 2.0 (a fan favorite) soon followed, earning the title of "Best glasspad in the market" by many enthusiasts. The 3.0 XL came later, receiving large amounts of support from gamers around the world.