Obsidian Pro UHMW-PE Mouse Skates

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SkyPAD x X-Raypad Obsidian Pro Mouse Skates are a result of collaboration between Skypad and X-RayPad. These universal mouse skates, crafted from high-quality 0.8mm UHMW-PE ensure a low-friction experience and better control. Their DIY nature allows for easy customization to fit a wide range of mouse models, making them a versatile choice. Skates also feature remarkable durability, effectively resisting wear and tear through extended use.

SkyPAD x X-Raypad U-PE Mouse Skates are perfect for SkyPAD Glass Mousepads, offering a reliable and smooth gaming experience.


  • Made with Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE).
  • Optimized Thickness. Being only 0.8mm skates provide a perfect balance between speed and control. Enhanced Durability. Highly resistant to wear and tear, our mouse skates are built to last.
  • Easy Application. Comes with an easy-to-apply design and a non-residue adhesive, ensuring a secure fit and effortless replacement.
  • Universal Compatibility. Designed to fit any mice, making them a versatile choice for various gaming setups.
  • Curved Edges. Skates come with rounded edges to prevent any snagging or scratching, ensuring a consistent glide across your mousepad.
  • Optimized for Glass. Designed to work flawlessly with SkyPAD Glass Mousepads.

Package Contents:

  • 40 dots of SkyPAD x X-Raypad Obsidian Pro Mouse Skates
  • 2 Alcohol cleaning wipes
  • 2 Residue removal wipes
Enhance your gameplay with SkyPAD x X-Raypad Obsidian Pro Mouse Skates. Crafted for gamers prioritizing precision, lasting performance, and smooth movement. Step up your gaming with SkyPAD and feel the immediate impact.


The specially treated glass surface is optimized for games that require high time to kill. Flick to your enemies effortlessly and track them with ease. 


The texture of the glass does not wear out, even after a life time of use. If your SkyPAD gets dirty, just spray some cleaning liquids and wipe it off, simple as that. 


A large size of 400mm x 500mm, with a thickness of only 3.7mm. Never run out of mouse pad space, while staying extremely comfortable also is extremely solid.


The smooth surface allows the mouse to glide with virtually no resistance. Take charge of your mouse control, your mouse will move the way you want it to. 


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